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Helping Seniors Remain Independent in the 18 Counties of Northwest Kansas

Need help paying for Medicare premiums and other costs?

If you or someone you know is having trouble paying for healthcare costs in these uncertain times, there may be ways to save money on Medicare premiums and other costs. You may be able to get help from your state to pay some of your Medicare costs, including your monthly premiums. In some cases, Medicare Savings Programs may also help pay your deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments if you meet certain conditions. Call NWKAAA to see if you qualify for a Medicare Savings Program.         


Original Medicare VS Medicare Advantage

Medicare commercials, phone calls and mailings are causing some confusion among Medicare beneficiaries. There are several things to consider when deciding between Original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage Plan for your health coverage. 

Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK) is a free program offering Kansans an opportunity to talk with trained, community volunteers and get answers to questions about Medicare and other insurance issues. SHICK provides you with many resources that will help you with your questions about Medicare.

Our counselors receive training on Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Long-Term Care and other health insurance subjects that concern older Kansans.

Our counselors do not work for any insurance company. The goal is to educate and assist the public to make informed decisions on what's best for them.

For assistance from a SHICK counselor call our agency at (785) 628-8204.

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